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Industrial automation comprehensively, quickly and efficiently.

What is GSR?

GSR is a united group of engineers, programmers, electricians, electronic engineers and mechanics. We are a team of professionals, specialists in their fields.

How does it work?

First, you describe us your requirements. Then the GSR leaders will gather a group of specialists dedicated to your project and business, who will provide optimal solution tailored to your needs. Not less and not more. Just Optimal.

How can we help you?

We distinguish 6 steps that will lead you to the success: Project, Execution, Implementation, Staff training and Service.

GSR will guide you through all of them and provide necessary support. The 6th step lies on our side – Flexibility, to give you the best experience.

What can you gain?

There is no looking for dedicated specialists and no research from your side. We do the research and provide the team. Just describe us the problem, show the requirements. Leave all to us, we will find the solution. Professionally, modern and quick.

GSR- How do we work?


They trusted us


GSR offers:

Each designed solution is dedicated to each customer. We know that every company has it’s own specification and needs, therefore the service we provide is individually adjusted to each task we get. This gives you flexibility and opportunities to further development. We know no better way than to tailor a project for each case with individual approach. With the services we also prepare and complete all technical documentation.
Installation and implementation
A new machine, system, assembly line? Here is how we work:
We prepare a plan of action, install and make sure that everything works as intended. When the project is considered complete, we prepare the technical documentation and give training to your people. The training includes not only the usage of your new acquisition but also the safe and healthy methods and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance).

For our partners, we have a full catalog of services. Customer can choose between ready solutions already existing on the market, or those built on demand by GSR.

We provide repairs and service for devices, machines, production/assembly lines and electrical switchboards. After the device or machine is returned to operation, we inform you of any errors and problems that may caused the failure and how to prevent them in the future. We suggest preventive upgrades, repairs or improvements. Our goal is not to remove as many failures as possible, but to avoid them. Maintaining, not reanimating the movement and the flow.
For our partners we perform audits of machines, equipment, production lines and systems. We diagnose problems, suggest solutions, improvements, repairs and upgrades. Preventions is better than repair. Through cooperation and constant use of the solutions proposed by us, your company will clearly feel reduction in breakdowns and failures. Our goal is to make sure that your work conditions are stable which will translate to better efficiency and flexibility in production management.
It’s something our customers appreciate us for. We are a comprehensive team of professionals in which we share with knowledge and experience. By consulting GSR you talk to a whole group of experts, not one representative. Instead calling an electrician, an automation engineer and a programmer, you call the GSR. One phone call and one price instead of three. Thanks to this you will always get a reliable and responsible feedback.

Every company has different needs.

This is the key sentence. We understand that you want all the best for your company and there is nothing more important than continuous flow in your service. That is why the GSR was created. We wanted to answer to the market’s demand for flexible, reliable and professional problem solving service. GSR is not just an engineering division but a group of different passionates who are experts in their fields.

  • Orders taken in less than 3 hours 90%
  • Failure reduction by at least 60%
  • Emergency repair of the production line in less than 3 hours 95%
  • Customer satisfaction 90%

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Engineer and founder, Ford Motor Company


Usługi abonamentowe

Z naszymi klientami działamy w ramach usług abonamentowych: serwis, wdrożenia, montaże i prewencja w stałej, ustalonej cenie i ustalonej liczbie roboczogodzin w miesiącu. To bardzo dobre rozwiązanie i czytelne, klarowne zasady współpracy.

Awaria? Zadzwoń!

Dzięki temu, że działamy jako zgrany team, jesteśmy elastyczni i mobilni i szybko reagujemy w razie awarii. Wiemy, że czas to pieniądz, a firmy produkcyjne, z którymi współpracujemy, są wyjątkowo wrażliwe na przestoje produkcyjne. Kilkugodzinna awaria oznacza duże straty i kładzie na łopatki plan produkcji. Mamy tego świadomość, dlatego działamy jako grupa, reagujemy bezzwłocznie, większość zleceń podejmujemy w czasie poniżej 5h.

Zadanie- projekt- wdrożenie

Linie produkcyjne, maszyny, urządzenia, systemy monitorowania produkcji, zarządzania budynkami, dystrybucją energii itd. Jeśli na rynku nie ma gotowego rozwiązania dla Twojej firmy, powinieneś właśnie w tej chwili wybierać nasz numer telefonu. Nie zawiedziesz się. GSR to produkt szyty na miarę, dostosowany do tego, co już funkcjonuje w Twojej firmie. Jedyne nasze ograniczenia to Twój czas i budżet.

The GSR Team

Krystian Kaczmarek

Krystian Kaczmarek


I founded GSR because I couldn’t achieve alone all the challenges my clients had for me. Now I’m a part of a determined and competent team of passionates and experts. I have been an automation engineer since 2009 and I coordinate the GSR projects. As we grow the projects become greater and involve more and more unique resources – from projects to staff trainings. My goal is to provide clients with services tailored to their needs, always meeting the requirements. My job is to make sure that your company will return to the right track by reducing failures and errors, providing preventive maintenance, modernizations, automations of production processes and programming services.

Privately: husband, father, an amateur bee-keeper, marathon runner and diver.

Szymon Falender

Szymon Falender


A graduate of the Electronics Faculty of the Koszalin University of Technology. For 20 years in the profession. He specializes in machinery repairs, in electronics and control systems (repairs of all kind electronics – especially older types – also those made in SMD technology).
Piotr Murzyn

Piotr Murzyn


When our customers desire comfort and safety, they need Piotr. An electronics enthusiast and building constructions automator, you can say that he was born to integrate systems. Piotr is able to find a solution for combining things that seemingly don’t even match. He is particularly focused on the safety of people and machines, often prompting solutions that ensure peace of mind to other engineers or the business owners. As a result, companies can focus more effectively on priority things.
Sebastian Gleich

Sebastian Gleich


He got his first soldering iron at the age of 6 and then he knew – this was it. “Many years of experience in the electronics industry and passion for the young-timers made me an engineer”. If something does not move (but should) he is the best person to make it running.

Privately: traveller, brewer, handyman.

Adam Borkowski

Adam Borkowski


27 years in the industry. His competence extends from the project design through construction and installation of electrical appliances, industrial machinery to maintaining service and various types of electrical measurements. He’s open to cooperation promising conscientious and honest approach to the commissioned work. Technical news in the field of electrics and automation are not foreign to him, his work is simply his passion.

Call or write, make an appointment and see what we can offer.

GSR is a group that has emerged as a response to today’s and current market needs. We design, execute and implement ready and dedicated solutions for our clients. We are a team of creative and mobile people who know and appreciate their skills, both professionally and privately. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses so we know that teamwork allows us to gain competitive advantage and to operate on a scale that no individual person would be able to.